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Aras PLM

It’s the system to help the manufacturers improve
R&D competency to develop innovative products.

Aras PLM reduces the initial cost by eliminating license fee and provides the flexibility to cope with rapidly-changing business environment, satisfying the customer’s needs. iamz Software has made a huge investment and efforts on R&D in a bid to supply Enterprise PLM at reasonable price.

  • Reduce Initial
    Deployment Costs

    Open architecture platform for enterprise that enables initial deployment costs to be reduced.

  • Quick and Easy

    Fast and Easy Changes for Customer Requirements

  • Unlimited Number
    of Users

    Even users increase, there are no additional costs because there is no limit to the number of users.

  • Oracle AutoVue

    Oracle AutoVue links to documents and information flow faster and safter.

  • Solution for

    Innovative PLM solution for auto parts and manufacturing industry